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Working with Mastersound

Mastersound, Melbourne, Australia is a professional e-mastering service offering 30 years of dedicated mastering experience.

The studio’s quality standard is to ensure that every piece of program material or song worked upon is treated with the highest level of professional detail and respect.

As standard, its mastering workflow is designed to ensure the most sonically pleasing production master is realised for your music without compromise.

Time & Talent

For decades, John at Mastersound has had the privilege of crafting quality production masters for a wide range of music genres. He has done this with considerable care and respect. Mastersound’s engineers understand a multitude of required individual sonic specifications and techniques that can enhance and perfect each genre’s music.

John has a history of working for numerous major and independent record labels and artists, and has mastered a large collection of singles played on various national and international radio stations.

Mastered for iTunes

Mastersound is on Apples official Mastered for iTunes providers list. To learn more about this process, please visit our mastering page.

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Contact Us

Mastersound, Melbourne, Australia
Contact: John Ruberto

Mastering Engineer John Ruberto


Pictured: Mastering Engineer John Ruberto.
To learn more about our engineers please visit our mastering engineers page.

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